What is a Collagen?

Collagen is a fibrillar (fibrous) protein built from three amino acids: glycine, proline and hydroxyproline (GlyProHyp). This sequence creates a multiparticulate protein – a natural polymer made up of amino acids joined together with -CONH- peptide bonds. It commonly occurs in vertebrate organisms as the major component and building block of connective tissue. It accounts for as much as 10% of the body mass in fit and healthy individuals. It is found in tendons, skin, bone connective tissue, cartilage, teeth, and is also present in crystalline form in the cornea of the eye.

When people are young, the body is naturally capable of producing collagen which ensures that its level in the earlier stages of the life cycle is maintained in dynamic equilibrium. Any losses are systematically supplemented. However, over time, our biological ability to manufacture collagen drops and its decreasing levels lead to the slow degeneration of soft tissues.

This is how the ageing process of the human body sets in. Age lines and wrinkles, as well as changes in the nails and structure of the hair, are all visible sign of this process. What’s more, collagen loss also reduces the efficiency of the internal organs. This triggers loss of bone density and the elasticity of tendons, ligaments, joints, blood vessels and lymphatic ducts and the body’s regeneration and immune system diminishes noticeably.

Fortunately, the natural ageing process can now be effectively slowed down and reduced by suitably supplementing the collagen deficits in the body. This has been the core purpose of our business in the scope of the manufacture of food supplements and dermocosmetics, which we have been delivering to the market for many years under the Collagen La Pure brand.

What distinguishes our products?

Marine collagen (fresh water fish origin) forms the base of all our products. A fish collagen molecule has a triple helix structure and is identical to the shape of the human collagen molecule.

A fish collagen possesses high transdermal absorption properties enabling it to penetrate deep into the skin, being permanently incorporated into the tissues of vital organs. What distinguishes Collagen La Pure products from other products available on the market is their extremely high effectiveness confirmed by experts in the field.

Based on the expert opinions of healthcare, biological regeneration, physiotherapy, and cosmetology professionals, the regular use of our food supplement and dermocosmetics preparations significantly contributes to raising the quality of life and the comfort and well-being of both senior citizens as well as the younger, more physically active generations, especially professional athletes and sports men and women.

We are aware that collagen is very important in our body