Collagen La Pure AQUA – Nano-Water

Collagen La Pure Nano-Water is recommended for any skin type. Thanks to its nanoelements, it stimulates native fibroblasts to produce collagen and promotes cell regeneration; also, it has antiseptic properties. It increases skin elasticity, prevents its slackening, conditions the skin, making it smooth and well-hydrated. Collagen La Pure Nano-Water soothes all kinds of skin inflammation and reddening and successfully reduces acne. As a carrier of active substances, it performs well during cosmetic treatments.

50 ml – buy


  • carry active substances during cosmetic treatment
  • stimulate collagen production and reconstruction of collagen fibers
  • deep moisturize and improve skin texture
  • soothe inflammatory skin disorders, including rosacea and acne
  • soothe a sunburn and thermal burns
  • soothe symptoms of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
  • reduce rash and dermatitis
  • reduce deformed skin cells (age spots, liver spots)