Welcome to the Company PW TAGO

Our Company manufactures collagen gels and food supplements containing pure collagen in capsule form. We obtain the collagen for our production processes from ecologically reared fresh water fish.

All the products offered by us are registered as cosmetics or food supplements. The manufacturing process is based on our own, proprietary technology.

The high quality of our products is appreciated and valued by our Customers on the domestic market, as well as worldwide. We have been supplying collagen to pharmacies, beauty salons, hotels, spas and many other centres offering professional biological regeneration and wellness, sports medicine, physiotherapy as well as skin ageing and aesthetic medicine.

Who is our offer intended for?

Every one of us starts to wonder at a certain point in life about how they can stop the ageing process and stay healthy, in good shape, increase their resistance to illness and disease, while at the same time look young and vibrant. This goal can, in fact, be achieved in many different ways.

The simplest and most natural, the benefits of which, however, are perceptible over the longer term, consist of leading a healthy lifestyle based on a balanced diet and regular physical activity. Some people, however, expect faster and more spectacular results and even resort to the most radical methods and undergo expensive and invasive surgeries and procedures that disrupt the body’s natural homeostasis.

By creating the Collagen La Pure line of natural dermocosmetics and food supplements, we have adopted assumptions that place us in the very midst of the above presented approaches to health and beauty.

Our philosophy is typified in the words: WE ASSIST AND SUPPORT EVERYTHING THAT IS NATURAL.

The preparations that we offer enable the ageing clock to be effectively, naturally and noninvasively slowed down and, in many cases, even reversed. The ongoing monitoring of consumer opinions and scientific findings have confirmed that our products have comprehensive and holistic therapeutic effects on the human body.

Our products regenerate and increase the resistance of the human body from the inside (e.g. preventing blood vessels from becoming heavy and brittle, ensuring adequate flexibility to tendons, keeping joints in good condition, helping to combat osteoporosis, aiding in speeding up the natural wound healing processes and reducing the effects of injuries).

In terms of the external and aesthetic aspects, they help restore the skin’s suppleness and the hair’s shine and strengthen the nails but most importantly continuously maintain and support the obtained results.

Our preparations are intended for individual Customers on the market under the recognised and valued brand of Collagen La Pure.

Institutional Customers and Contractors interested in purchasing our products in bulk quantities are offered attractive cooperation terms and conditions that also include the possibility of manufacturing products under their own private brands. For more detailed information, see the Contract Manufacturing tab.